Cascade is a script for sequencing layers. There are three different modes—ascending/descending, random, and radial. All three are explained below.

Installing Cascade

Cascade.jsxbin must be placed in the Scripts directory in the After Effects folder. That folder will be named "Adobe After Effects Effects [version]" which has been replaced with "AE" below.


/Applications/AE/Scripts/ScriptUI Panels


\Program Files\AE\Support Files\Scripts\ScriptUI Panels

If After Effects was running when you installed the script, you’ll need to restart it.

Launching Cascade

When properly installed, you will find Cascade.jsxbin under the Window menu in After Effects.


The Cascade panel is dockable and responsive and will change between two layouts depending on the panel size.


Ascending/Descending - Unlike the default After Effects Keyframe Assistant > Sequence Layers..., Cascade will sequence layers from their in-point so you don't have to figure out an overlap amount if you want to evenly space them. By default, the layers will be sequenced ascending, but you can hold alt/option for descending. You can also hold shift to start the first layer of the sequence at the playhead.

Random - Random will deviate between 0 and the number of frames you specify. For numbers above 3 frames, Cascade will make sure that no two layers in the stack will have the same in-point. Hold shift to start sequencing from the playhead.

Radial - Radial will deviate between 0 and the number of frames you specify over the radius of the comp. Be aware that this means that anything farther than the radius of the comp will be delayed longer than the number of frames you have specified. By default, Cascade uses the comp center as the origin, but it looks for a layer called Origin which will become the new origin for the delay. It's not case-sensitive. Hold shift to start sequencing at the playhead.

Settings - Click this to get a popup to modify settings or see this help information in-app. You can set the number of frames that loads in the text input when you start Cascade, which is especially helpful if you put it into something like KBar.

Finally, if you hover over the buttons, a tool tip will pop up to help you.

Thank You!

Thank you so much for purchasing Cascade! We appreciate you supporting us and we sincerely hope that it will help save you time in your work! Feel free to contact us to tell us about the awesome stuff you’ve used Cascade on. Or contact us if you need help so we can do our best to help you!

Thanks again!