Nudge is a script panel for After Effects that provides the ability to move selected layers and keyframes together as a group.

Installing Nudge

Nudge.jsxbin must be placed in the Scripts directory in the After Effects folder. That folder will be named "Adobe After Effects Effects [version]" which has been replaced with "AE" below.


/Applications/AE/Scripts/ScriptUI Panels


\Program Files\AE\Support Files\Scripts\ScriptUI Panels

If After Effects was running when you installed the script, you’ll need to restart it.

Launching Nudge

When properly installed, you will find Nudge.jsxbin under the Window menu in After Effects.


The Nudge panel is responsive and will change between three layouts depending on the panel width.


<< Nudge Back Many - Moves back 10 frames

 < Nudge Back - Moves back 1 frame

>  Nudge Forward - Moves forward 1 frame

>> Nudge Forward Many - Moves forward 10 frames

Or enter a frame custom frame amount in the Nudge field. Use negative numbers to move back. Then click Nudge to move the group.

KBar Compatibility

Nudge is compatible with KBar v2.0 and later.

Create a new script button and select the Nudge.jsxbin script file. By default this will bring up a dialog to enter the number of frames to move the group.

You can enter numbers (positive or negative) into the “Script function or argument” field to bypass the dialog. This is most useful when setting up multiple buttons or keyboard modifiers.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Nudge supports keyboard shortcuts.

  1. Duplicate Nudge.jsxbin to the Scripts (not ScriptUI) folder.
  2. Rename with a number at the beginning and commands at the end after a dash (e.g. 0001Nudge-f10.jsxbin). The beginning number is used to keep the scripts at the top of the list. Supported commands:
    • f# where # is the number of frames to nudge forward
    • b# where # is the number of frames to nudge backward
  3. In After Effects, go to Edit > Keyboard Shortcuts, then search for Nudge to add a custom shortcut to the individual files created in the previous steps.

Thank You!

Thank you so much for purchasing Nudge! We appreciate you supporting us and we sincerely hope that it will help save you time in your work! Feel free to contact us to tell us about the awesome stuff you’ve used Nudge on. Or contact us if you need help so we can do our best to help you!

Thanks again!