Corona is a huge pack of UHD 4K video files designed to be overlayed on top of your projects. They add an instant depth and atmosphere to any project. Often, DPs will film though various glass objects to dirty up the frame and add depth and life. We've done the same thing so you don't have to break out a camera and do it yourself.

What's included?

Corona contains almost 200 files categorized by movement. 132 of those files are selects that are mostly unique although there are some variations of similar shots. The rest, tagged as alts in the zip files, are alternate versions. They may not be as good as the selects, or they might be too similar to other shots. We've mainly included those so that if you have a project where you need things to be very similar but different, you have options.

Most of the files have movement that breaks the frame, but there is a large category of locked off shots that you can shift around pretty easily. That said, nearly all of the files can be shifted around with offsets, motion tiles, etc.—especially if you're ok with masking or are working under 4K.

All of the files are UHD 4K ProRes 422LT, shot on RED, and have a ton of flexibility to grade. Grab them, and add some depth to your frame.