De-Re-Branded Icons is a set of icons reverted to the pre-June 2020 colors of the Creative Cloud apps. Expecially in the DVA collection of apps (After Effects, Animate, Audition, Character Animator, Media Encoder, Premiere Pro, and Rush) the unified icon colors make it difficult to quickly tell the difference between apps.

This is the complete set of icons for all the Creative Cloud apps, including Bridge if you use that for some reason. Some of the color shifts are subtle, some less so. All of them might help you find or navigate to the app you need more quickly.

What's included?

This download includes .icns files for macOS, .ico files for Windows, and instructions for applying the changed icons. Note that for Windows, you can only change shortcut icons, not .exe icons.

*Legacy Icon available.

This icon set is not sanctioned or endorsed by Adobe Inc. Creative Cloud and associated applications are copyright and trade marks of Adobe Inc.