Glitchlord is a beast of a pack. There are over 350 files inside to glitch your work. There are backgrounds, mattes, and maps—if you want to glitch something you can find it in here or easily roll your own. Everything applied to the footage in the above promo aside from some minor text animation came from Glitchlord.

And with these glitches, you're going to need some stuff to glitch and fill it all out. Glitchlord Data & UI is perfect for that. And if you grab them together in the bundle, you'll save some money and have an excellent pack to tackle anything.

What's included?

This download comes with 350+ animated files. Most are ProRes 422, some are 4444 with alpha. Outside of those, there are also a few stills in there. A user guide is included that you can keep with the pack to have a rough idea of what is where. It's kind of hard to name glitches in a way that makes sense for everyone, so the guide will be helpful. After working with this pack for about a year, we're excited to finally have the guide too.

Also, since we're mainly concerned with messing things up, we decided to go 1080p instead of 4K because you can scale these up and they'll work just fine for most purposes and the other benefit is that they'll render much faster.

The images below will give you a rough idea of what is contained in the pack, but it isn't even close to an exhaustive list.

Backgrounds and Mattes


Halftone Sweeps