Gritch is grunge + glitch. We built this look to make the art for our NoSolids After Effects script. We thought it was a really cool look so we decided we'd make it available as a look template. There are procedurally built look variations in this After Effects project. Almost all of the animation comes from the animated textures, which are mainly from Glitchlord. My face is included in here for the sake of the example. Please don't use my face elsewhere.

We use Deep Glow and Quick Chromatic Aberration 3 in this project. QCA3 is available for free from Plugin Everything. Deep Glow isn't free, but we made an approximation using After Effect's standard Glow effect. You can see the difference on the videos below.

What's included?

This download comes with an After Effects project and all of the textures and the LUT necessary to build the looks below. The images should give you an idea of what this project can output and the videos below show all of the looks available depending upon which glow effects you have.


Examples with Deep Glow

Examples with built-in AE Glow effect