NOTE: This plugin is offered on an as-is basis. There will be no support available. Also, there are definitely issues with versions of macOS after Catalina where you will have to authenticate this plugin. It is also not natively built for Apple Silicon so you'll have to run After Effects in Rosetta if you chose to use Sundial. All of those processes are explained here in our FAQ.

Sundial is a long shadow plugin for After Effects. It is macOS only, and it works with vector layers—especially shapes and text—almost perfectly. If you are fine with both of those things, name your own price to get some long shadows.

If you need a more robust and fully-functioning solution, look into Long Shadow on aescripts.

Sundial is no longer in development because it has caching issues with raster layers which we could not overcome. Sundial gives erratic output with raster layers.

That said, you can get around the caching issues of raster layers with a lot of purging. But we HIGHLY recommend that you stick to the vectors and the shapes that you're used to. Don't go chasing waterfalls.

What's included?

This download comes with a macOS version of the plugin and a user guide.