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Introducing Cascade, a compact After Effects script that simplifies layer sequencing across three practical modes: ascending/descending, random, and radial. Whether you need to uniformly space layers, introduce random variations, or create radial animations centered around a specific point, Cascade provides the tools to enhance your workflow efficiently. This script is designed to help you focus more on creativity by reducing the manual effort of offsetting layers by hand.

Save $5 by bundling with StackIt. More information on the three modes is below.


Unlike After Effect's built-in sequencer, the ascending/descending mode sequences by in-point, so, for example, you don't have to know anything about how long your layers are to space them 2 frames apart.


Built from our older Randomizer script, this mode sequences layers—as you would guess—randomly. It's super helpful to add variation to make simpler animations seem more complex.


Built from our older Radial Delay script and tutorial about the expression it started from, this mode takes selected layers and delays them in time based on their distance to an origin point that can either be the comp center, or a custom origin.

What's included?

This download comes with the script. The manual is online and can be found in the sidebar on the right.