The Glitchlord Bundle is a gigantic pack. There are over 800 animated files inside to enhance your work. There are a ton of UI elements, backgrounds, and objects, so you can built all sorts of user interfaces, tech looks, and glitches. The promos above were effortlessly built entirely using elements from this bundle. It's very easy to throw down elements from this pack and add tons of complexity and movement to your designs.

Grabbing this as a bundle saves you roughly 20% on buying either pack separately.

What's included?

This download comes with 800+ animated files. There's probably an even mix of ProRes 422 and 4444 between the two packs. The Data & UI component has more files with alpha, and Glitchlord Volume 01 contains more full screen files where alpha isn't necessary. And outside of those animated files, there are also a few stills. A user guide is included for each pack that you can keep with the packs to have a rough idea of what is where. It's kind of hard to name elements in a way that makes sense for everyone, so the guide will be helpful. After working with this pack for about a year, we're excited to finally have the guide too.

Many of the background elements are 1080p to save space, and since we're mainly building glitches with them, you can scale them up without issue and they'll be faster to work with. The isolated elements are built pretty large so they should be at home in 4K compositions.

The images below will give you a rough idea of what is contained in the pack, but it isn't even close to an exhaustive list.

Backgrounds and Mattes

Bucket Renders




Halftone Sweeps


Node Clouds



Tech Backgrounds