Note on compatibility: This plugin does not currently work with the new verification system in OSX Catalina. We are working on it :) However, for now you can disable Gatekeeper as shown here, but we take no responsibility if you botch something.

Easily create a low poly look with the amazing new plugin by Cinema Spice, Polytrace.

Polytrace is an algorithmic triangulate plugin. This is no simple script that slows down your computer. Things are rendered super fast no mater how complex. Create amazing low poly images easily, just apply, tweak a few settings and boom. If that is not enough for you, you have virtually limitless possibilities using the built in mask tools. Every mask point becomes a Polytrace point, no matter how little or many masks you have, or even if they are animated. It works great with the new mask tracker tools in After Effects.

Custom noise engine

Add custom mask points

Quick 2D low-poly art

Disguise yo face

What's included?

Plugin files. Win/Mac compatible.