FreqReact is the easiest, quickest, and most powerful audio reaction tool built for After Effects CC+. React any property, even in plugins. Easily swap audio sources, and bake data so your project stays quick. And best of all, buy it once and get all future releases.

What's included?

This download comes with the script and a user guide.

Features at a glance

React any property

Position, scale, stroke long a property has a stopwatch, it can react.

Fast previews

FreqReact works with baked data, so your project won't get bogged down.

Plugins, Plugins, Plugins

FreqReact plays well with others. React all of your favorite plugins.

Swap Audio Sources

Transfer react profiles from one audio layer to another in only a few clicks.

Advanced View

Quickly locate reactors when working in a complex project.

Lifetime Updates

I have a lot of Freqin' ideas. Buy FreqReact once, get all future releases.

Get Started

The Reactors

Eight modifiable reactors that plug in to any After Effects property. You don't need understand the crazy calculations and wizardry that makes them just need to select a property and hit react.