About 5 years ago, I banished the Solids folder from all of my After Effects projects using this script. And now you can too!

Do you hate:

  1. Null objects that aren't actually null, but have a source, that you can accidentally delete and destroy all of your rigs?
  2. Having layers selected and adding a new null only to find that the null isn't the parent of anything?
  3. Adjustment layers that don't resize when you move them into different comps?
  4. Adjustment or shape layers that come in at the top of the layer stack instead of right above the layer you have selected?
  5. Wanting to make an outlined shape and getting a filled shape instead? Or vice-versa?

Sure, we all do. If you find yourself saying yes to any of the above, you can't afford to not buy NoSolids for the low, low price of $0—although more is always appreciated. Also, if you like the thumbnail above, go check out Gritch!

What's included?

This download comes with the script. There is a manual in the sidebar.